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2014/2015 Team Tryouts

Synchronized Figure Skating is the world's fastest growing competitive sport and represents teamwork at its finest. The sport takes a team of 12-20 skaters and combines the classical, graceful movements of singles figure skating with the thrill of split second maneuvers in which blocks, circles, lines and wheels amaze all who watch.

Date: See pamphlet
Time: See pamphlet
Place: UTC Ice

There will be a $30 tryout fee assessed for Prelim/Pre Juv and Open Juv/Juvenile,
and $60 tryout fee for Intermediate.

USFS Preliminary/Pre-Juvenile Team
Skaters in Delta and up.
Try-out moves:

- Forward Stroking;
- Pre-Preliminary MITF Spiral pattern;
- Preliminary MITF Forward and Backward Crossovers pattern;
- Bunny Hop and Forward Lunge in combination.

USFS Open Juvenile/Juvenile Team
Skaters must pass Preliminary MITF by November 1st, 2014.
Try-out moves:

- Forward Stroking;
- Pre Juvenile MITF Power Stroking pattern;
- Intermediate MITF Forward Twizzle pattern inside only;
- Choice of Outside Spread Eagle or Heel-Grab Spiral (135 degrees).

USFS Intermediate Team
Skaters must be under 18 as of July 1st and pass Pre Juvenile MITF by November 1st, 2014.
Try-out moves:

- Pre Juvenile MITF Power Stroking pattern;
- Preliminary MITF Spiral pattern;
- Intermediate MITF Forward Twizzles pattern;
- Novice MITF Outside Counters;
- Outside Spread Eagle both feet.

Click here to download a flyer in PDF format.

Also come to our Intermediate Team Workshop. Click for details.

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